Vodka sales up 2.2% in 2012

Revenues of vodka and other spirits in Russia increased 2.2 % to 1.625 billion litres in 2012, the Center for Advancement of a National Alcohol Policy knew Interfax, citing preparatory figures.

Sales of drink and ale drinks grew faster, increasing by 4.5 % to 11.26 billion liters.

Nonetheless, sales of grape and fruit wines stayed level at 1.014 billion liters, while sales of low-alcohol refreshment fell 5 % to 303 million liters.

Vodka sales

Vodka Brands Sales

Alcohol consumption in Russia in the pure liquor equivalent grew 2.6 % to 1.35 billion litres, the facility claimed.

Regulations for selling specific types of liquor products changed as of January 1, 2013. Along with a restriction on sales of ale and beer refreshments at non-stationary retail outlets such as kiosks, night-time sales of such beverages will be banned whatsoever retail electrical outlets with the exception of public food catering electrical outlets such as bars and dining establishments.

On top of that, as of January 1 it is prohibited to offer remaining stocks of alcohol products with liquor content of approximately 9 % that are not labeled by unique federal and excise tags.

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