Vikingfjord Vodka Review

Vikingfjord Vodka Review

Vikingfjord vodka arises from Norway, where quality and excellence are a way of life. Adhering to a time honored, real vodka dish, this very carefully six pillar distilled vodka is made from potatoes. Every drop is then expertly combined with 100 % smooth, crystal clear water from the beautiful Jostedal glacier of Arctic Norway.

Vikingfjord Vodka

Vikingfjord Vodka is for discerning enthusiasts who favor a smooth, refined and glossy vodka made from the purest ingredients. The water utilized is taken straight from an excellent Norwegian glacial mass. This icy melt water is combined with spirit that has actually been ultra-refined in a 5-column distilling procedure. The nostrils is tidy and, neutral. Vikingfjord vodka clean palate with hassle-free and silky feel.

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