Van Gogh Vodka Review

Van Gogh Vodka Review

Van Gogh Vodka is a traditional vodka which shows and keeps the stability of the natural grains.

The taste delivers well-balanced hassle-free and neutral flavors, as expected from a super-premium liquor.

One aspect of Van Gogh’s flavored vodkas that I appreciate is exactly how close they really do involve the real taste. Many times when fruits, sweets or other flavors comply with liquor there is a substantial loss in the true flavor, but this is not the situation for Van Gogh’s vodkas.

When you taste their banana you receive the taste of an actual banana, with their espressos you seem like you are sitting in the regional cafe and drinking a freshly brewed cup and when drinking their apple vodka I am transported to an orchard filled with fresh fruit. Van Gogh Vodka makes every effort to combine normal taste and fragrance and I have yet to try out one of the vodkas that has actually missed out on that mark, although the Mojito Mint is not really my style.

Van Gogh Vodka

Van Gogh Vodka takes the taste contrast so seriously that they have established a taste test to make sure that their vodkas are as close to the desired tastes as feasible and employed a taste test to examine the reliability of their tastes. Bonchick informed me that this procedure involves a sip of a straight vodka, among it cooled, then a bite of the flavor “basic” (i.e. a banana).


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