Top Vodka Brands

The marketplace study firm NPD Group has released a study on customer vodka inclinations. The study found that males and females have normally the same desire in the major vodka brand names, but brand name preference varies amongst age groups.

Among the 33,750 adults evaluated, Grey Goose (18 %) is the most preferred brand of vodka, adhered to by Absolut (12 %). Smirnoff (10 %), Ketel One (7 %) and Stoli/Stolichnaya (5 %) rounded out the top five, with men slightly choosing these brand names over women.

Top Vodka Brands

Grownups (21 +) under 50 favored Grey Goose somewhat greater than the FIFTY + age group. The 21-34-year-olds reviewed opted for Smirnoff significantly more than the 35-49-year-olds; the inverse is true when it come to Absolut. Ketel One was considerably a lot more preferred with the under 34 group.

Grey Goose’s leading place talks to the success of the company’s branding. Grey Goose has joined existence less than 20 years, and in that time has caught an excellent chunk of the marketplace.

Vodka is the most well-liked liquor in The united state.

Top Vodka Brands

Best Vodka Brands:

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