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Super Premium Vodka Brands

Try to buy a bottle of  Vodka at your local retailer and you’ll soon find out who dominates Super Premium Vodka market.

Kors Vodka - Super Premium Vodka Brand


Great looking bottles with fantastic graphics are all over the shelf. Each is more sophisticated than the other and all are rather expensive.

Absolut Elyx Super Premium Vodka

Obviously, new super premium vodka brands show up on bar and restaurant racks all the time: It’s the quickest and simplest spirit to sell if you’re a new distillery, and typically requires not so expensive advertising and marketing program. Amassing a credibility as the go-to order at leading nightclubs, bistros and bottle-service spots, nevertheless, is harder.

Super Premium Vodka Brands Sales

In 2010, 45 % of consumers in the 25-34-year age drank vodka, based on research by UK alcoholic beverages giant Diageo. Two years later on, vodka increased to 52 % in this class.

Purity Super Premium Vodka Brand

What’s most striking regarding vodka increase is the big sales of so-called super premium vodka brands, up 38 percent in the past year. You’ll know them by their impressive bottles (one– Wyborowa– is created by designer Frank Gehry) and by their more impressive costs: $30 to $60 and upwards a bottle, around 4 times the price of less costly brands like Smirnoff, which costs $13 a bottle.

The brands that took advantage of this rise include Pernod Ricard’s Absolut, Smirnoff Black from Diageo, Finlandia (Brown Forman) and Grey Goose (Bacardi), to name a few.

Ultimat Super Premium Vodka Brand

So just what’s the future of Super Premium Vodka? Will folks stop buying bottles rather than the drink inside? Or is fancy advertising and marketing and hot club culture impossible to resist? The reality is that with classic drink cocktails returning there are already some indicators  that show this expensive vodka trend is changing. So we got to ask. Can people really tell the difference in taste between the most expensive and “normal” vodka brands?