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Platinka Vodka Review

Platinka vodka review

Platinka Vodka

Platinka Vodka is made in Belarus and is called for the valuable aspect platinum, which they use to filter the vodka. It is made from an ONE HUNDRED % rye grain foundation (something much more usual with Polish vodka) and mixed down with artesian well water from approximately 500 feet deep, which gives a mineral content they feel considerably boosts the taste and simplicity of the spirit. Platinka Vodka is provided a typical Russian charcoal filtration complied with by a highly uncommon platinum purification.

Platinka vodka was called Greatest Vodka in the 2012 San Francisco World Moods Competition.

Kryshtal Etalon Vodka Review

Kryshtal Etalon Vodka Review

Kryshtal Etalon Vodka is made from a mixture of wintertime grain and rye making use of a 4 pillar distillation process. It is filtered through flint and hydrated with water from the distillery’s own 293m deep well.

Kryshtal Etalon Vodka

Introduced in 2003, Kryshtal Etalon Vodka is the crown jewel vodka of the Minsk Kryshtal distillery, the oldest (developed 1893) and the most significant distiller in Belarus. Baseding on the distillery’s own really helpful site, “the formula of vodka Kryshtal Etalon Vodka includes first class grain ethyl fixed alcohol ‘Super-Lux’, relaxed flint-processed drinking water, bicarbonate salt, ascorbic acid, clear glucose, iodinated salt”.

Appearance: Crystal clear.
Aroma: Practically neutral nostrils with faint scents of burnt rye bread toast.
Taste: Really slightly wonderful palate with rather velvety mouth feel.
Taste: Broken of aniseed on the somewhat serrated, sharp finish.

Koskenkorva Vodka Review

Koskenkorva Vodka Review

Koskenkorva Vodka

Koskenkorva Vodka is amongst the purest in the world, Koskenkorva vodka is distilled 250 times in a tray run generating such pure spirit that further filtration is not required. Only the greatest Finnish spring water is used for a smooth normal taste. Koskenkorva Vodka is exceptional either straight or blended in your preferred drink and is ideal enjoyed cooled.

In 2009 it won the Master in the Premium category of The Vodka Masters 2009.


Viru Valge Vodka Review

Viru Valge Vodka Review

Viru Valge Vodka is a part of Estonian culture and history. Undoubtedly Estonia’s best understood and the majority of reputable vodka.

Viru Valge Vodka

Properly picked top quality grain spirits and particularly refined water provide it a soft and tidy taste and fragrance. Enjoy Viru Valge Vodka best cold and pure or with lemon juice.


Finlandia Vodka Review

Finlandia Vodka Review

Finland is the country that delivered the globe Moomin, Linux, an earworm-inducing nonsense song, and around a hundred gold medal champions in the Winter months Olympics over times.

Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia Vodka had a bumpy ride throughout the first one-half of the 20th century. Right previously WWII there was the Winter months War, where Finns fought versus the progressing Russians. A hero of this dispute was the sniper Simo Häyhä, that holds the document for the most sniper gets rid of in any kind of war: 505. The nation chose to agree the Germans during the huge international dispute, and there were great deals of nations in between the USSR and european Europe that made the exact same tough decision during those years.

Finlandia Vodka
$ 20/1.75 L, 40 % abv.

The six-row barley is distilled in to alcohol at Koskenkorva, then is diluted with glacial water at the Altia Oyj company in Rajamäki. Liquor has been recently re-designed to resemble thawing ice to show the origin of the water utilized to relax the distilled liquor.

I have actually attempted Finlandia Vodka straight and with various cocktails, and while it’s not specifically amazing (not sweet or organic or anything else), it is unbelievably smooth and a great bargain. It operates rather well with Screwdrivers and Finlandia Vodka Martinis and other cocktails, and is very advised as a mixer. The bottle looks wonderful on bench shelf and the deep grooves in the lower part of the bottle allow for a simple hold.