Slovenia Vodka

Slovenia Vodka

Slovenia Vodka

Victory for Slovenia ! Slovenia is a small country with 2 million people but that doesn’t hide the fact that they are among top producers of alcoholic beverages in the World. Ever since Slovenia became independent in 1991, nobody ever tried to target US Wine & Spirits market using their country as the brand name… that is until now!

Slovenia Vodka, Wine and other spirits are coming to US market

In 2012 two young entrepreneurs filed the trademark »Slovenia« with USPTO (No 85533743) and as we can see inside the database the mark just got registered. When asking what their near future plans are this is what they replied.

»We are already in talks with several Wine and Vodka manufacturers from Slovenia who are extremely interested in selling their product under our Slovenia brand. The first products will be offered to US consumers in the next few months and we already signed distribution agreements in New York, Florida and California.«

We are very excited about getting our hand on Slovenia Vodka since this will be the first review from that part of Europe.

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