Reyka Vodka Review

Reyka Vodka Review

What first struck me as I visited the review bottle of Reyka vodka I had actually been sent was liquor itself and not how you will believe. Liquor design is one-of-a-kind with “Iceland” (it’s house country) embossed around the shoulder, but that’s not exactly what captured my eye. Just what I actually indulge in is the glass itself. In a time where points are coming to be purer, cleaner, more sterile, the glass in the Reyka vodka container has small bubbles. It advises me of an earlier time when points were made by hand. Now, don’t think I need saving from my naive views. I believe this design specific was fully deliberate. Matters not to me, however, I like it.

Reyka Vodka

Okay, proceeding to exactly what you’re truly considering, the spirit itself. Reyka vodka colour, as you will fully expect is crystal clear. The fragrance is of clean alcohol only and the taste is crisp and significantly tidy. There is no aftertaste and the appearance is very short. This is a top shelf vodka to be sure. This is visiting appear campy, so prepare yourself. This vodka tries like my mental image of Iceland. Crisp glacial water flowing over lava stone. Areas of open country. A slower rate of life. Almost a return to times gone by.

So, listed here’s the bottom line. I like this vodka. It’s crisp, clean and nearly flavor/odorless. Exactly just what you’re looking for in a high quality vodka. To make things also much better, it’s sensibly priced ~ $ 30 depending where you go. And, to seal the package, it simply gained the Vodka Trophy at the International Wine and State of minds Competitors held in London.


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