Popular Vodka Brands

Trends in Vodka have changed quite a lot during the last few years. Now there is a high demand for flavored vodkas, but the reality is that trends come and go. The companies are using marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsement to fight each other and try to gain higher market share. But do people really enjoy drinking something called Cake or Cotton Candy. I mean what is happening with this segment that suddenly people will drink just anything they think is popular?

Popular Vodka Brands

Let’s be honest, 90% of all drinkers always mix vodka with some other liquid, let it be juice, Sprite or Red Bull. Or they simply order a cocktail that has 10 different flavors mixed together. So what’s the point of stupid Whipped vodka if you can’t even taste it?

Most Popular Vodka Sales

In theory I like what I am saying, but if we take a look at sales we see significant market share increase of flavored vodka brands. In fact this exotic flavors are so popular it’s almost harder to find a non-flavored vodka when entering the store. It’s almost like I am in candy store and not liquor store and so many to choose from I have no other option but to follow my favorite A list celebrity and buy whatever he is having. Who cares about the taste, it’s the image that’s important right?

Well not for me. I really like Vodka and it’s extremely important for me to drink only the best. So while this is a hot trend, I’ll simply stick to my old neat Russian Standard and let others wake up with crazy hangover in the morning.

Best Vodka Brands:

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