Pigalle Vodka Ultra Premium

Pigalle Vodka Ultra Premium

In the tradition of the ‘great houses of French Spirit Valley’, PIGALLE Vodka uses only french wheat in the region of the Limousin, near Cognac, fermented batch and distilled individually 5 times each, creating a unique and harmonious ultra premium blend.

Water source Gensac, famous worldwide, flowing clear and crystalline limestone soil is gradually lowered in temperature at 4 ° C before mixing, to bring a softness like no other ultra premium vodka.
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Pigalle Vodka

Pigalle Vodka is Ultra Premium Vodka From Switzerland

Unique by the know-how of the Master Blender.
Unique by its sweetness.
Ultimate by its degrees of alcohol.
Ultimate by the black coating of the bottles.
Ultimate by the decorations of the bottles.
Intoxicating PARIS.
Intoxicating PIGALLE.
PIGALLE Vodka ®…Unforgettable like a French kiss ®

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