Perfect 1864 Vodka Review

Perfect 1864 Vodka Review

The top quality of a terrific vodka depends to a wonderful degree on the raw products made use of, their origin, the technique of distilling and, especially, on the expertise of the distiller.

An “extremely premium vodka”, Perfect 1864 is made according to one of the most demanding French standards for the wonderful spirits. Perfect 1864 Vodka is made exclusively from “froment”, a soft bread grain grown on the wealthy levels of Brie-Champagne. The grain is pressed, fermented and distilled a number of times locally based on a special procedure.

Perfect 1864 Vodka

The understandable spirit is then grown by the Master Distillers who are successors to age aged traditions. This spirit goes through just a very light filtering system as a result of its severe purity while protecting its natural character.

It is then jazzed up with the legendary Vosges water, drawn from springs in the depths of the Ballons des Vosges organic protect. Perfect 1864 Vodka is filled in a sleek, contemporary bottle birthing the crest of a fleur de lis. All under the eyes of the “Master Distillers”.

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