Most Expensive Vodka

Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the World and it’s no wonder there is a huge selection of Vodka products. I guess vodka could be split into two categories. One would be vodka for an average market, where Absolut is the brand that is selling the most. The second category are high end premium vodkas which are reserved only for the rich and famous because the prices are so astronomically high.


Cost: $12.500 – $24.500

Kors Most Expensive Vodka


We will now take a look at some of World’s Most Expensive Vodka Brands. I guess this are not vodkas for an average daily drinking but more a way to impress people around and see their jaws when they see the bill. This products are usually not sold in the stores, but in high end restaurants, night clubs, casinos and of course via private market (special order).

Most Expensive Vodka

A list of most expensive vodkas


1.Kors Vodka
2. Belver Bears
3. OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka
4. Iordanov Vodka
5. Swarovski-Studded Alize Limited Edition
6. Absolut Crystal
7. Magnum Grey Goose Vodka
8. Absolut Vodka (Mats Svensson Edition)
9. Gold Flakes Vodka
10. Vallure Vodka
11. Imperia Crystal Crown Edition
12. Pincer Shanghai Strength


It seems that the tastes of vodka lovers are willing to pay a fortune to enjoy with friends a taste of one-of-a-kind and unparalleled luxury vodka unique. The globe’s most costly vodkas are Diaka and Diva, both utilize diamond in its purification. Generated by deluxe firm Transborder Advertising, vodka Diaka also called diamond is placed in a bottle made with crystals. That makes this beverage made Poland an unique and luxury is its filtering with almost ONE HUNDRED diamonds, resulting in softness and unique flavor. A million dollars for a container of brandy produced by Blackwood in the distillation process that features jewels, featuring diamonds– it is among the most expensive vodka on the planet. We informed you a few days ago of vodka enhanced scabs of gold. Now comes the Queen Premium Vodka, created by Scottish Blackwood Distillers with a stylish procedure that makes it unique many thanks to using gemstones, featuring diamonds, thoroughly pressed and made use of as a filter. And for a distillate special product packaging must be decent: the classy container is decorated with various types of jewels within it, to enable whoever buys it to have a customized things as long as possible. The rate per bottle arrays from $ 3,700 to one million dollars depending on the stones used.

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