Minskaya Kristall Vodka Review

Minskaya Kristall Vodka Review

Minskaya Kristall Vodka

Minskaya Kristall Vodka is the crown jewel vodka distilled by Minsk Kristall, the leading vodka business in Belarus. All the water utilized to make Minskaya Kristall is filteringed system utilizing a special and patented process. For each litre of liquor 6 litres of water are prepared.

After the vodka is distilled and the correct volume of water included in make the end product it is filteringed system simply one more time prior to bottling. Baseding on its tag this vodka has complete smell and flavor, is extremely soft without burn. The alcohol material of this vodka is 40 %.

Minsk Kristall is a well understood distillery in Belarus and one of the earliest vodka manufacturers in the previous USSR, having functioned since 1893. With a population of around 10 million, Belarus is the fifth largest customer of vodka on the planet, with annual usage of over 14.5 thousand cases, much of it generated by Minsk Kristall.

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