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Precious Vodka

Jewel Lines has created a distinct combo of Luxury Vodka with the most important natural jewels on the planet. The prize vodka (recipient of the Silver Medal San Francisco Awards in 2011) is bottled in a luxury diamond shaped compartment total with a solitary genuine gems.

It’s generated from distiller increased and gathered winter wheat and nurtured with post glacial subterranean spring water. The wheat utilized in Valuable Vodka is meticulously selected along with only the leading 10 % of the annual produce making it to the purification procedure. From there their master distiller distills 6 times then dilutes along with in your area sourced natural spring water. The water is high in mineral content and adds a very strong, yet natural citric aromatic nose and taste that is Valuable Vodka.

Precious Vodka is bottled in an unique diamond formed bottle. Every bottle has a beautiful natural gemstone from their collection of completely certifiable precious stones that include sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, and peridot. Their gems are specially crafted to make sure that their customers receive only the finest real jewel rocks. The gemstones include an one-of-a-kind quality to the overall encounter that is just readily available when you purchase a bottle of priceless Vodka.

Precious Vodka

Luxury Vodka

Quintessentially Vodka

For something to be called essential suggests it is the most best instance of its kind. Therefore, Quintessentially Vodka is the personification of a deluxe vodka that has just made its UNITED STATE launching in Miami today at the SLS South Beach. Coming from the globe’s leading members-only concierge club, Quintessentially Way of living, Quintessentially Vodka is natural, gluten-free, made from wheat, and as special as the club it arises from. Set to be the brand-new standard of exactly what a premier vodka ought to be, Quintessentially Vodka gave Miami an inclination of what a quintessential vodka drink is on Tuesday evening.

Quintessentially Vodka

Belvedere Vodka

First introduced to North The united state in 1996, Belvedere Vodka was the first to develop a brand-new standard for quality in the vodka group and is accepted with developing the deluxe vodka section. Today, Belvedere’s unique personality and uncompromising integrity are acknowledged globally by evaluating vodka lovers, who cherish its all-natural, additive-free character. Made completely from Dankowskie Gold Rye and mixed with water from its very own spotless source, Belvedere Vodka’s taste profile is distinctly soft with a subtle sweetness and normally hassle-free, tidy surface.

In 2012, Belvedere introduced Lemon Tea to its award-winning Maceration collection (Pink Grapefruit, Citrus, Orange, Black Raspberry, Bloody Mary) Lemon Tea is the 2nd vodka made to a beverage from Belvedere and is distilled along with 8 exceptional ingredients consisting of black & eco teas, ginger, chamomile, lemongrass, honey and lemon; leading to a refreshing and vivid vodka. A simple addition of iced herbal tea or lemonade likewise transforms a Belvedere Lemon Tea in to a savory cocktail for poolside lounging or beach celebration.

Belvedere Unfiltered made from ONE HUNDRED % uncommon Dankowskie Diamond Rye completes the tremendously premium vodka collection. The rye possesses such a normally creamed, abundant flavor that after being distilled four times, the vodka is left UNFILTERED in order to keep its character and inclination.

Dolce Touch Hybrid Luxury Vodka

Dolce Touch Hybrid Deluxe Vodka succeeded the ballots of differentiating customer schemes leading to its platinum award, the greatest medal at the 2010 Moods International Status (SIP) Awards. This hybrid high-end vodka is not a plain vodka or a tasting vodka. It’s basically a mixture of their best qualities.

“As a newly released firm, it’s absolutely an honor to get the platinum medal at the 2010 SIP Awards,” pointed out Matthew A. Leang of Dolce Touch LLC. “Dolce Touch By Dolce Touch has a distinct and hassle-free taste, and we’re merely thrilled to be acknowledged by customers as an award-winning vodka in the spirits sector.”.

Dolce Touch Hybrid High-end Vodka is presently only readily available in the states of Washington and The golden state. It is made in Seat, Washington.

Dolce Touch Hybrid Luxury Vodka

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