How to choose the right vodka for you?

This is a great question, but unfortunately it is very hard to answer. There are hundreds of vodka brands on the market today and many of them are really really good. I am sure 95% of people have no idea what good Vodka should taste like since they usually mix it with some other beverage anyway.

Russian Standard Vodka Brand

But if we take a look at tradition then Russian vodka brands are the way to go – and I am talking non-flavored straight vodkas here, not that trendy vodka stuff they sell today. I’ve been invited to a Russian vodka contest a few months where I had the pleasure to try their favorite vodka brands. I have to say I was surprised at how good they are and it was really hard to choose the best one. But as always one has to be the winner and it was Crystal Vodka and Russian Standard came close second.

Which vodka should you drink?

So back to the question, which vodka should you buy when going to the store? Hmm for me Russian brands lead the pack, but there are some pretty good ones too like Belvedere, Reyka and Ketel One…

Usually the night doesn’t end well if you’re drinking straight up vodka shots so that’s why people mix it in order for the drink to last longer. But for all you Vodka lovers I would say to try as many brands as you can and find your favorite one. But please don’t buy just because your favorite celebrity is endorsing it. I really think each people has different taste so you should stick to what you like not to what other say is cool.

Best Vodka Brands:

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