Hooghoudt Vodka Review

Hooghoudt Vodka Review

Hooghoudt Vodka is a Dutch manufacturer of a number of liquors. The company was founded in 1888. Hooghoudt creates, among others, genever (a gin-like liqueur), vodka and beerenburg.

Aristocracy Hooghoudt Vodka and Hooghoudt ‘Vodka 90’ are Gold and Master Honor Winners of the Vodka Masters 2010, awarded by The Spirits Business at the TFWA exhibition in Cannes. The judging panels tried out the– over 110– access and highlighted the quality of Nobility and Vodka 90. CARTILS want to congratulate Hooghoudt with this exceptional achievement! We are charmed that, besides appreciating great taste, the courts of The Spirits Business had an eye for appeal as well.

Hooghoudt Vodka

In June 2010 Hooghoudt presented Nobility Hooghoudt, a qualitative White Moods range.

CARTILS was asked to establish the brand discussion for this assortment of superior spirits. The Nobility Hooghoudt variety, encompassing the versions Vodka (accessible in export nations in a turquoise bottle), Rum and Tequilla, supplies all one has to develop the club experience at home.

Hooghoudt Vodka 90

To supply the a lot more expert customers a more powerful vodka, the premium variation ‘Vodka 90’ has been introduced. CARTILS developed the new label and container style. ‘Vodka 90’ provides you an ultimate ‘bite’ experience for surpassed ‘on the rocks’ feeling. This vodka is distilled to a 45 liquor percentage while it stays its hassle-free taste.


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