Flavoured Vodka Sales Increase

CHICAGO– Vodka is the biggest classification within distilled spirits and it remains to increase as a result of its accessibility, mixability and range of offerings, baseding upon a brand-new report from Technomic. Continuous product development– specifically in the tasting section– is steering both imported and domestic options, infusing the category with excitement and extreme competition.

Baseding upon Technomic’s “Unique Fads in Adult Refreshment (TAB) Report: Vodka Group Close-up”, the flavored vodka category experienced a 23 % gain that catapulted the section to consider more than 25 % of overall U.S. vodka volume in 2011. Flavored vodka improved 3.3 million 9-liter cases in 2011 to place among the fastest-growing segments of the spirits business. The record also forecasts recurring growth for the vodka category in 2012, with tasting vodka expected to sustain that development along with one more double-digit gain.

Flavored Vodka Sales

“Along with flavours ranging from citrus to peanut butter and jelly, and access available in all rate points, flavoured vodka really offers something for everyone,” stated Eric Schmidt, supervisor of study for Technomic’s Grownup Drink Resource Team. “Advancement around tastes is non-stop, which means providers are trying to keep consumers captivated by frequently bringing new providings to the industry. Flavoured vodka is one of the most dynamic categories in spirits today, and is expanding in both the retail and on-premise channels due to its approachable and highly mixable positioning.”.

The report additionally discovered almost three-quarters of the vodkas introduced in 2011 were tasting providings, with Smirnoff leading the sector in item introductions. Remarkably, Pinnacle Whipped Lotion increased 324.5 % to rate as the leading tasting vodka brand, and considerable amount increases were achieved by numerous other imported brands.

In regards to flavours, raspberry and citrus continued to be the most well-liked flavours, and vodkas with sweeter profiles gained grip; whipped cream vodkas rose in volume to place as the third biggest taste.

The record analyzes the performance metrics for the overall vodka category, and features ideas into imported and residential section trends; leading brands and providers; cost rate efficiency; and classification and sector projections.

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