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In Russia there is favorite vodka osobaja (special), which is usually better quality, krepkaja (strong), which has over 56 percent alcohol, and vodka with a variety of tastes that are so called: limonaja (lemon), ohranj (orange), okotničaja (hunting favorite vodka which is baked with ginger, clove juniper, orange and lemon peel, and includes postage and a little sugar), Pertsovka (with hot peppers), Krupnik (honey vodka)…

Favorite Vodka Brands

Favorite Vodka Brands

In Poland, favorite vodka is classified by purity: standard (zwykły), premium (wyboroyw) and deluxe (luksusowy). Of taste, the most famous vodka Zubrovka which adds buffalo grass, then Goldwasser (gold lines), which are added herbs and gold leaf, and buttocks, vodka aged in oak barrels. Except in Russia and Poland, the vodka is produced in other countries of the world on all continents, except that it differs according to whether it receives from rye, potatoes, molasses… If you drink your favorite vodka clean, it should be frozen, preferably overnight, and at least a few hours. Frozen, showing their best qualities, strength and taste. If used with the ice, the ice is broken and dilutes her taste.

Favorite vodka should be served in previously frozen glass of 0.5 g or 100 g hold the cup in your hand for a while to get a little melted, because if it is too cold vodka, will drop its entire flavor, and if it is too hot, you will feel just alcohol. Briefly bore a drink from the glass and smell. The best and favorite vodka will have a creamy, sweet odor and bad will smell like denatured alcohol, aggressive and too alcoholic. Raise a glass of vodka to the light and see whether it is a pure liquid, viscous and clear. Frozen vodka good quality has a dense texture, sometimes bluish or yellowish glow. Have a nice drink!

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