Dragon Bleu Vodka Review

Dragon Bleu Vodka Review

Dragon Bleu Vodka is a blended vodka distilled and bottled in the Grande Champagne location of France. It is made from 3 various grains,– wheat, barley and rye– unlike regular vodka which is made from merely one. Goldring and Rapp discovered it while journeying with each other in Paris in 2005.

Dragon Bleu Vodka

Dragon Bleu vodka expenses itself as the globe’s only “combined vodka.” It utilizes a mixture of spirits each made specifically with barley, wheat, and rye. It is made with spring water from the Gensac Spring. Interestingly, “dragon” is not indicated to invoke the excellent winged, fire serpents we recognize from Tolkien however rather an untranslatable word meaning “pursuit– quest of exactly what you want and exactly what you are entitled to.” Dragon Bleu is the creation of Professional Distiller Patrick Brisset.

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