Crystal Head Vodka Review

Crystal Head Vodka Review

Crystal Head vodka produced very the rouse in my house country Canada. Although it is distilled in Newfoundland and co-owned by Canadian comic, Dan Akroyd, the LCBO refused to hold the vodka. Take one assumption why? The bottle design of a huge glass head was thought about as well questionable because of its association with the image of fatality, yet Akroyd was successful in ending the Crystal Head boycott.

Crystal Head Vodka

I could not hang around to get my very own container. I put myself half a try; I should say the enjoyment before I attempted it made the $ FIFTY price worth every penny. I was pleasantly amazed with exactly how little bit of it burned decreasing. I got out my good old Russian Criterion vodka to contrast, and after a couple of additional sips of each I had all the evidence I required. Crystal Head was less scary compared to the lovely packaged vodkas and was damn great.

Due to the fact that this vodka has additional of a sweet surface to it, I shook it up with some lime zest and it was dee-lish. Every dolly likes a little bit of welfare, and this vodka tells a story of an archeological secret offering spiritual powers of enlightenment to any kind of vodka dolly that touches among the 13 crystal heads. I rank this vodka 4 doll hairs from 5; shedding a factor since I am still waiting for my religious powers.

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