Cooranbong Vodka Review

Cooranbong Vodka Review

Cooranbong Vodka

CooranBong Vodka (Aborigine for “water over stones,” we’re informed) is a Barossa Valley grape vodka, distilled a massive 10 times and bottled in what looks like a Gewurztraminer container. The results are mightily remarkable: For followers of “smooth,” bite-free vodkas, CooranBong is killer.

That ultra-distillation process clearly has actually done some miracle. This vodka is one of one of the most neutral and taste-free vodkas I’ve previously run into. That’s not a small– vodka is expected to be neutral, after all– however it may be a bad for fans of bigger, rounder vodkas with more personality. CooranBong has a thin, effortless body– no soft, mouth-filling roundness here, a muffled medicinal odor, and a virtually springtime water-like finish in the mouth. For combining I can’t picture a much far better spirit. Straight enthusiasts are advised to make use of caution: This stuff decreases like water.

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