Ciroc Vodka Review

Ciroc Vodka Review


Ciroc Vodka is an excellent Vodka, although QUITE distinct. It definitely is pronounced with Grape tastes, with anise and licorice undertones. Ciroc Vodka, none-the-less un-traditional, is a great item. Incredibly smooth with little burning; just enough to advise you it’s a Vodka. While in the leading of my listing for uniqueness alone, it attracts attention as a great Vodka in spite of its individuality. There are definitely various other conventional Vodkas around that beat Ciroc, that by no-means detracts from the quality of this product. My top-two Vodka’s are: 1) Ed Phillips & Sons Grassy field (Organic) 2) Iceland Reyka And as a rule, bear in mind, Grey Goose is good … however except the price.

Ciroc Vodka

Shaken up in a martini, Ciroc Vodka continuous-lines confuses expectations. In intermittent vodka martini the Bartender has tried, there’s been the vodka taste and the vermouth taste, and in especially good ones, both tastes blend somewhat while still sustaining their distinctiveness. Cîroc, on the other hand, practically entirely disappears– as does the vermouth– blending to form something that’s not bad, but almost comparable to the amount of its parts. Given how tasty the Cîroc is alone, nonetheless, the Bartender will declare this the exception to her “dry martinis are useless” regulation.

Eventually, whether this is worth the $ 30 – $ 35 rate factor is visiting be a matter of taste– if you’re seeking a good, simple, typical vodka, this isn’t really the right option for you. If you will such as to attempt something a little bit separate, however, this is well worth your time. And if you want something to thrill your jaded-drinker buddies, shake it up bone-dry and garnish with a huge fat red grape. Then unwind and appreciate the expressions on their faces.


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