Chopin Vodka Review

Chopin Vodka Review

Chopin Vodka Review

The distinction in between Chopin Vodka and grain vodkas is clear long before it also hits your lips. The nostrils is much less wonderful; there’s some vanilla, but it’s much richer and has earthier notes that give a much fuller sense of smell, developing a surprising comparison for somebody utilized to the slim harshness typical to grain vodkas. However more unique is the taste: rich and smooth in structure, with very little burn.

Chopin Vodka

Trace notes of wonderful spices (nutmeg, even clove) linger in the back of your taste buds, and the velvety mouth-feel and a little wonderful flavor are really pleasant, almost like tapioca dessert. And in a martini, the vermouth draws out those earthy and spicy tones while balancing with the small sweet taste, making a truly exceptional beverage with practically no work at all.



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