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Kors Super Premium Luxury Vodka

Kors is known to be the most expensive luxury vodka you can find on the market today. With the price tag only a few can afford it is also known as the World’s most expensive vodka, although there are some that are rumoured to cost more.

As you can imagine it’s very hard to get your hands on this type of drink without having to pay thousands of dollars for it. So we’ll just need to take the word from people who have tried it and they are even harder to find. I managed to find a San Francisco based entrepreneur who had the privilege in trying this exclusive vodka drink. Based on his word Kors is so good it blows your mind. It’s one of the best on the market and qualifies into super premium luxury category which is the actually as high as you can go on vodka scale.

Mitja Krzisnik is the Founder and CEO.

Kors Vodka - Limited Edition Vodka

Kors Luxury Vodka Brand

I contacted the company who owns the brand and they promised to send me some promotional material as well as list of all locations where their vodka can be purchased. As far as I know that are mostly night clubs, fancy restaurants and hotels / resorts. I don’t think you’ll be finding this brand in your local 7 eleven store anytime soon:)

Kors Most Expensive Vodka

Kors Vodka Gold

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Vodka Brands Sales

Vodka is a vibrant classification that remains to grow and attract brand-new consumers across the globe. Our assortment of premium vodkas all have distinct and discerning qualities and we have actually developed a few of the world’s finest advertising projects around the group. Our collection of vodka brands consists of the globe’s best marketing premium distilled spirit and most popular vodka– Smirnoff, selling 25.8 million 9-litre cases last year.

Vodka is a classification that has universal look and we continue to put a solid concentrate on development and expansion across the sector. One of our current successes is the launch of C̨roc, an incredibly premium vodka made specifically from high-grade French Mauzac and Ugni Blanc grapes. Smirnoff tastes continuously be a vital extension within the category, and in 2008 we protected a 50/50 joint endeavor with the Nolet family to sell, market and disperse Ketel One vodkaРa crafted Ultra-Premium vodka with superior liquid credentials. Below is a selection of our vodka brands, noted in alphabetical order.

Vodka Brands Sales

In the United States, vodka sales of 62 thousand situations make up approx. 35 % of the spirits market by volume baseding on Nielsen. IWSR have approximated that 2010 revenues revealed a 5.2 % increase by volume and more lately, vodka has actually reportedly kept on taking market share every month. Much more just recently, a classification development of 4 % has actually been marked up as a result of the Premiums and ultra premiums. Revenues in some sub-premiums have boosted especially Sobieski which leaves the worth end which has actually decreased a little. It has, nevertheless, been flavored vodkas that have actually succeeded across all rate points. Over 150 brand-new tastes or line extensions have been presented already this year– the majority being native domestic US products and the sum total being more than that for the entire of 2010. Some brands now have tastes with larger sales quantities than their initial unflavoured foundation. One report says that this boost in tasting vodka sales is continuing at both ‘premium’ and ultra-premium levels. There seems to be no soft qualities in Vodka’s development in USA albeit that prices is reported as potentially coming back a little.

Vodka Sales

In Canada, Spirits Canada report that Vodka went beyond Whisky as the biggest Spirits quantity category in Canada in 2010 and remained to expand in 2011. Overall Vodka volumes have raised by 2.5 % to 4,766,933 instances. Vodka amount represented 27.84 % of overall Spirits amounts, marginally ahead of Whisky sales at 27.03 %. Domestic Vodkas represent 67 % of sales amount and imports 33 %. Flavoured Vodkas now consider nearly 7 % of Vodka quantities.

Reference of the Americas need to consist of Brazil, Chile and Argentina where there has been unparalleled rise in vodka consumption by 14 %, 56 % and 21 % respectively by quantity in 2010 baseding on IWSR. Once more, the premium-and-above sector has been the star performer. As an additional instance of this development, EU vodka exports to Brazil have more than doubled since 2009.
Vodka has actually had a less lucky time in parts of Europe. The marketplace is not merely grow yet has actually become congested due to the large number of brand names. The recession has taken its toll especially in Eastern Europe and coincidentally alcohol taxes have been boosted as an action to enhance government revenue. In addition, standard quantity consumers in some nations have actually gone on to brand-new categories.

Moving to India, it is interesting just how several of the very same motifs come through as somewhere else. Although vodka is still only 3 % of the Indian spirits market, white spirits typically and vodka specifically are growing at 19 % against a Market average of 12 % each annum. The factor is basic. Vodka is popular among the more youthful age profile and a terrific blender and even more ladies are taking to vodka and drinks. New brand names involve market and flavored Vodkas are obtaining well-liked.

When it comes to China, the vodka market has actually been decreasing partially over the last 5 years partially because of imitations. There is no actual cocktail society and imported white spirits are not well-liked in contemporary On-Trade electrical outlets.

Elsewhere, vodka sales are up by 3 % in New Zealand baseding on DSANZ and 2 % in South Africa. Nonetheless, in Australia, reports vary however one recommends sales have been decreasing by quantity, according to all alcohol categories not least due to the fact that consumer investing in all sectors has actually been hit hard by economic uncertainty. Versus that, premiumisation has actually proceeded throughout 2011. The greatest current market advancement has been the durable growth in sales of bag in a box vodka blends for bar high quality mixed drinks in the house.

Top Vodka Brands

The marketplace study firm NPD Group has released a study on customer vodka inclinations. The study found that males and females have normally the same desire in the major vodka brand names, but brand name preference varies amongst age groups.

Among the 33,750 adults evaluated, Grey Goose (18 %) is the most preferred brand of vodka, adhered to by Absolut (12 %). Smirnoff (10 %), Ketel One (7 %) and Stoli/Stolichnaya (5 %) rounded out the top five, with men slightly choosing these brand names over women.

Top Vodka Brands

Grownups (21 +) under 50 favored Grey Goose somewhat greater than the FIFTY + age group. The 21-34-year-olds reviewed opted for Smirnoff significantly more than the 35-49-year-olds; the inverse is true when it come to Absolut. Ketel One was considerably a lot more preferred with the under 34 group.

Grey Goose’s leading place talks to the success of the company’s branding. Grey Goose has joined existence less than 20 years, and in that time has caught an excellent chunk of the marketplace.

Vodka is the most well-liked liquor in The united state.

Top Vodka Brands

Popular Vodka Brands

Trends in Vodka have changed quite a lot during the last few years. Now there is a high demand for flavored vodkas, but the reality is that trends come and go. The companies are using marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsement to fight each other and try to gain higher market share. But do people really enjoy drinking something called Cake or Cotton Candy. I mean what is happening with this segment that suddenly people will drink just anything they think is popular?

Popular Vodka Brands

Let’s be honest, 90% of all drinkers always mix vodka with some other liquid, let it be juice, Sprite or Red Bull. Or they simply order a cocktail that has 10 different flavors mixed together. So what’s the point of stupid Whipped vodka if you can’t even taste it?

Most Popular Vodka Sales

In theory I like what I am saying, but if we take a look at sales we see significant market share increase of flavored vodka brands. In fact this exotic flavors are so popular it’s almost harder to find a non-flavored vodka when entering the store. It’s almost like I am in candy store and not liquor store and so many to choose from I have no other option but to follow my favorite A list celebrity and buy whatever he is having. Who cares about the taste, it’s the image that’s important right?

Well not for me. I really like Vodka and it’s extremely important for me to drink only the best. So while this is a hot trend, I’ll simply stick to my old neat Russian Standard and let others wake up with crazy hangover in the morning.

Flavoured Vodka Sales Increase

CHICAGO– Vodka is the biggest classification within distilled spirits and it remains to increase as a result of its accessibility, mixability and range of offerings, baseding upon a brand-new report from Technomic. Continuous product development– specifically in the tasting section– is steering both imported and domestic options, infusing the category with excitement and extreme competition.

Baseding upon Technomic’s “Unique Fads in Adult Refreshment (TAB) Report: Vodka Group Close-up”, the flavored vodka category experienced a 23 % gain that catapulted the section to consider more than 25 % of overall U.S. vodka volume in 2011. Flavored vodka improved 3.3 million 9-liter cases in 2011 to place among the fastest-growing segments of the spirits business. The record also forecasts recurring growth for the vodka category in 2012, with tasting vodka expected to sustain that development along with one more double-digit gain.

Flavored Vodka Sales

“Along with flavours ranging from citrus to peanut butter and jelly, and access available in all rate points, flavoured vodka really offers something for everyone,” stated Eric Schmidt, supervisor of study for Technomic’s Grownup Drink Resource Team. “Advancement around tastes is non-stop, which means providers are trying to keep consumers captivated by frequently bringing new providings to the industry. Flavoured vodka is one of the most dynamic categories in spirits today, and is expanding in both the retail and on-premise channels due to its approachable and highly mixable positioning.”.

The report additionally discovered almost three-quarters of the vodkas introduced in 2011 were tasting providings, with Smirnoff leading the sector in item introductions. Remarkably, Pinnacle Whipped Lotion increased 324.5 % to rate as the leading tasting vodka brand, and considerable amount increases were achieved by numerous other imported brands.

In regards to flavours, raspberry and citrus continued to be the most well-liked flavours, and vodkas with sweeter profiles gained grip; whipped cream vodkas rose in volume to place as the third biggest taste.

The record analyzes the performance metrics for the overall vodka category, and features ideas into imported and residential section trends; leading brands and providers; cost rate efficiency; and classification and sector projections.