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Xan Vodka Review

Xan Vodka Review


1. Type: Flavoured Vodka
2. Color: White
3. Alcohol Content : 40%
4. Volume: 0.25L&0.5L
5. Features: Mild, Pure, Balanced

Xan Vodka

Company “Vinagro” LLC is the founder of “Goygol Wine Vegetable” OJSC, the oldest wine factory in Azerbaijan.
The manufacturing facility was founded in 1860 by German colonists that played an important role in the structure of wine market in area as a result of the diligence and initiative.


Vodka Xan “Export” is made by mixturing rectifiedspirit “Lux” utilizing of organic glacierwater from high elevation lake Goygol with a small adjustment of solidity. Variety includes including a small amount of sugar liquor, sodiumcarbonate and lemon acid advantageous taste and taste. Xan Vodka is passed through a dual filtration.