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Villa Lobos Vodka Review

Villa Lobos Vodka Review

Pure grain Mexican vodka with agave worn distilled five times for utmost smoothness. NB this product is ONE HUNDRED % organic and it’s possible that a slight sediment deposit may form which is wonderfully typical.

On the nose is fresh, stylish and smooth smell of grain, fossil fuel, spice. The taste buds is soft but vibrant, fresh grain flavor and flavor. Appearances fresh and light taste smoked.

Villa Lobos Vodka

Licores Veracruz was founded in the urban area of Orizaba Veracruz late nineteenth century. In 1950 was acquired by the Family members Villanueva Barragan, the present owners and relocated to the city of Cordoba, where he proceeds his advancement. Villa Lobos Vodka compares vodkas in the world by the famous Maguey earthworm, moth larvae, which live in the heart of the Agave, amazing powers prehispanic meals including valued pheromones in Mexico because the Aztecs in the standard cuisine. Distilled 5 times and made ?? from 3 different cereal grains making use of water drawn from deep artesian wells with water from thawing snow atop the greatest active mountain in Mexico, El Pico de Orizaba, snow-covered throughout the year.