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Polar Ice Vodka Review

Polar Ice Vodka Review

I was enticed to Polar Ice Vodka for obvious factors. With a bear on the tag, you cannot fail. With its practical cost and plastic mickey, POLAR ICE struck me as unpretentious and securely shatterproof– not to mention as bear-friendly as a vodka may receive without formulating some type of opening up feature for thumbless bears that do not have grip toughness.

Polar Ice Vodka

So my very first agenda this week was to acquire a container of POLAR ICE and reel about with it.

For twelve bucks ($ 24 for 750 mL) I expected something on the tough side, and so my first taste of POLAR ICE was an impact, albeit a tidy, freshening one. This is a hassle-free, hassle-free vodka, quadruple-distilled from rye, and the type of spirit that quickly goes away into a mixer. This is precisely the sort of vodka that gets bears into trouble.

And so I plied my friend Glen Bear with some POLAR ICE. Now, Glen is a real polar bear; he’s big and brawny and goes around on all fours. Totally infantile and for INTELLIGENCE purposes driving the high 20s, Glen is as foolish an animal as you can locate. However I believed it fitting to provide my vodka with an adorable polar bear, and Glen was spending time, drooling somewhat.

Glen enjoyed it. If I ‘d had any kind of questions about welcoming this affordable (ish) vodka, they were vanquished viewing Glen lumber drunkenly around the house after lapping POLAR ICE out of a bowl.

You have to be careful with polar bears, I understand now. I need to have remembered my mum has this friend whose father was in the armies up north, and once he saw a polar bear attempting to take down a helicopter while holding a seal under its arm. They are powerful creatures and you actually do not wish to get them too f # cked up. So I needed to convenience Glen a little, and spoon with him until he got himself controlled.

In conclusion, an additional great experience, and excellent explanation to SUGGEST this product.