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Kryshtal Etalon Vodka Review

Kryshtal Etalon Vodka Review

Kryshtal Etalon Vodka is made from a mixture of wintertime grain and rye making use of a 4 pillar distillation process. It is filtered through flint and hydrated with water from the distillery’s own 293m deep well.

Kryshtal Etalon Vodka

Introduced in 2003, Kryshtal Etalon Vodka is the crown jewel vodka of the Minsk Kryshtal distillery, the oldest (developed 1893) and the most significant distiller in Belarus. Baseding on the distillery’s own really helpful site, “the formula of vodka Kryshtal Etalon Vodka includes first class grain ethyl fixed alcohol ‘Super-Lux’, relaxed flint-processed drinking water, bicarbonate salt, ascorbic acid, clear glucose, iodinated salt”.

Appearance: Crystal clear.
Aroma: Practically neutral nostrils with faint scents of burnt rye bread toast.
Taste: Really slightly wonderful palate with rather velvety mouth feel.
Taste: Broken of aniseed on the somewhat serrated, sharp finish.