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Fris Vodka Review

Frïs Vodka Review

Fris Vodka

Frïs Vodka was found out back in the 1980s when a Danish distiller established a now trademarked process that he referred to as freeze purification. Customarily, most spirits are distilled by heating up the liquid approximately a higher enough temp till the liquor vaporizes from the water, then the alcohol is compressed to return it to a liquefied type. Not the instance for this Fris Vodka. The reverse process is actually performed; the spirit is cooled down till it is iced up. Believe it or not, it is distilled six times prior to going on. Allegedly, this procedure enables the removal of certain pollutants that can not be eliminated with the standard purification process. As a matter of fact, the spirit is subjected to a three step purification procedure to eliminate the contaminations. The label came from the Danish for “frost and ice” and really got the true blessing of the Queen of Denmark at the time.