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Eristoff Vodka Review

Eristoff Vodka Review

Bacardi Global Brands certainly has the rum and super-premium vodka groups covered with Bacardi and Grey Goose. Now, it is extending its Eristoff premium vodka brand to the US.

Eristoff Vodka comes from the former Soviet state of Georgia, which Eristoff’s marketing has long taken advantage of as “The Land of the Wolf” (the gray wolf in fact). A very popular ad for Eristoff shows a man walking through exchanges and into the timbers past. He becomes gone after by a pack of wolves. The benefit of the advertisement is that the man is running inside a snowglobe, eventually running into the external glass wall structure of the world. Eristoff’s company logo is a wolf howling at a crescent moon.

Eristoff Vodka

Eristoff is made from ONE HUNDRED % grain, tripled distilled and charcoal filtering system. The dish is said to be the original from 1806 produced by Prince Eristoff of existing day Georgia. It can be found in three selections: Original (80-proof); Red (40-proof), which can be found in a red color and is flavored with sloe berries; Black (40-proof), which can be found in a dark shade and is seasoned with untamed berries. There are 2 additional tastes abroad that are not part of the USA launch– Limskaya (lime taste) and Gold (sugar taste).