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Clique Vodka Review

Clique Vodka Review

Clique Vodka is a new, up and coming vodka that is actually trying to reach the celebration scene hard. Located on the east coastline, Clique Vodka has actually been making a genuine hip and young image for itself, really targeting the 21-35 year old crowd. It’s been seen in video (such as T-Pain’s brand-new track “Hangover”) as well as been the prime vodka brand at numerous celebrity studded occasions.

Clique Vodka

The bottle is is basic, tidy, and looks nearly screen published. Instead of boosting it’s Latvian origins, it instead goes with that entirely modern-day just about graffiti-style look. As an individual within the age of their group, I can definitely state it’s caught my eye.

Clique Vodka is a new interesting vodka that is really trying to hit the social scene. Being envisioned with all sorts of celebs and party crowds, it’s effortless to see the market they’re going with.

The go was smooth on the way down, yet had some hanging around flavors/burn that might not make everybody delighted. It also has a slight taste from the water made use of that may or may not be a favorite. It’s real toughness is it’s ability to deliver a drink together. Combineding with both cranberry and Redbull, I would happily give my next celebration to share.
Clique Vodka is gradually working its means throughout the nation. Don’t be the last to understand about this rapid increasing company. Try it out and see if it’s your next celebration vodka!