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42 Below Vodka Review

42 Below Vodka Review

Among the purest expressions of Vodka, 42 Below catches the essence of New Zealand’s wilderness. The fragile taste and abundant mouth feel arises from use of the greatest active ingredients and innovative production methods.

42 Below Vodka generates a delightful line of tasting vodkas along with their smooth, clear vodka. The New Zealand distillery, which produces the spirits 42 degrees here the equator, now has 4 extremely fascinating infusions consisting of Feijoa and Enthusiasm Fruit and (the just 2 currently offered in the UNITED STATE) Kiwi and Manuka Honey. These may not be your everyday commercial mixtures but they are well done and worth a chance at making some wonderful drinks with.

42 Below Vodka

42 Below is distilled three times from non-genetically crafted wheat. Afterward, organic spring water (whose resource hails from a vanished volcanic region) is made use of as a wash prior to a last purification and a trip via 35 various filters. The result is a hassle-free vodka free of most of impurities.