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Saaga 1763 Vodka Review

Saaga 1763 lives on from grain to glass. We harvest heirloom Estonian rye from the estates of our history’s most interesting characters. We follow precise steps—thoughtful crop selection, careful grain separation—to ensure that our spirit retains the quality cultivated by our ancestors. And we use a time-honored distillation process to produce Saaga’s distinctive flavor and finish. The result is a premium vodka well-suited to slow sipping, fine dining and good storytelling.

Saaga 1763 Vodka Review


The character of any art form is a measure of the artist’s intent. Today’s technology has revolutionized our medium, but without honest goals—distinct flavor, flawless quality, absolute purity—technological advancement only leads us farther away from our true spirit. By applying modern methods to ancestral knowledge, Saaga returns passion and integrity to the art of vodka.


Truth resides in the single grain. Saaga uses rye for its strength of character, sourcing it from the manors of Estonia’s most spirited individuals. These estates are still farmed much as they were in 1763: simply, with sustainable, earth-friendly practices. The precious grains are harvested only at the optimum time, painstakingly sorted, and dried with the utmost care.Then past meets future. At the distillery, we use Spectral Fluorescence Signature Technology, a process that allows us to select only the most robust grains, ensuring the quality, flavor and ultimate purity of our spirit.


Purity cannot be rushed. It is a slow and deliberate process,intolerant of impatience or imprecision. We use continuous stills to slow the distillation phase of Saaga, maintaining a constant temperature that minimizes the amount of distasteful residue that might leach into our spirit. Filtration is therefore not required. There are simply no impurities to filter out.


Once a spirit is tainted, not even the best intentions can save it. Additives are often used to mask the imperfections of vodkas that have been rushed through distillation. But it is the drinker who pays the consequences for these hasty decisions; additives are the stuff hangovers are made from. We add only natural spring well water to Saaga, filtered by layer upon layer of Estonian limestone and purified with reverse osmosis. Pure water is the only worthy complement to our spirit.