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Kors Super Premium Luxury Vodka

Kors is known to be the most expensive luxury vodka you can find on the market today. With the price tag only a few can afford it is also known as the World’s most expensive vodka, although there are some that are rumoured to cost more.

As you can imagine it’s very hard to get your hands on this type of drink without having to pay thousands of dollars for it. So we’ll just need to take the word from people who have tried it and they are even harder to find. I managed to find a San Francisco based entrepreneur who had the privilege in trying this exclusive vodka drink. Based on his word Kors is so good it blows your mind. It’s one of the best on the market and qualifies into super premium luxury category which is the actually as high as you can go on vodka scale.

Mitja Krzisnik is the Founder and CEO.

Kors Vodka - Limited Edition Vodka

Kors Luxury Vodka Brand

I contacted the company who owns the brand and they promised to send me some promotional material as well as list of all locations where their vodka can be purchased. As far as I know that are mostly night clubs, fancy restaurants and hotels / resorts. I don’t think you’ll be finding this brand in your local 7 eleven store anytime soon:)

Kors Most Expensive Vodka

Kors Vodka Gold

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